Virgin Galactic opens world's first commercial spaceport with weird window dancing

This week Virgin Galactic officially opened its spaceport with a bizarre dedication event that had people hanging from the roof with ropes and dancing on the windows. You can see the bizarreness in the video at the bottom of the story. A group known as Project Bandaloop danced around on the glass sideways. It was a very bizarre display.

Apparently, Sir Richard Branson even rappelled off the building. At least he didn't dance on the glass. The Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space is in New Mexico and the governor of New Mexico was on hand as well for the odd festivities. Part of the dedication included fly over demonstrations by WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo.

Apparently, Branson and his kids Sam and Holly will be the first commercial passengers on SpaceShipTwo. The official name for the facility is Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space and that is a mouthful. I would have went with Mos Eisley.

[via BoingBoing]