Vincent Audio C-60 is the perfect CD player for rich audiophiles

When it comes to listening to music, I am content to pop a CD into the PS3 or the CD player in the car. For some people a normal CD player or other device for listening to their music does not cut it. If you are the sort of audiophile that refuses to slum it with conventional CD players, Vincent Audio has your device, assuming you are loaded anyway.

The Vincent Audio C-60 is a CD player that has switchable vacuum tube and solid-state output stages. The player also uses a premium Philips top-loading transport and enhanced mechanical and electrical isolation all working to provide the best possible sound.

The player uses a 24-bit.192-kHz PCN1792 DAC with 8x oversampling. The player can be changed between the solid-state output and the 6922EH vacuum tune line output with the included remote or by pressing a button on the front of the player. Outputs include balanced XLR, RCA, coaxial digital and optical digital outputs. The price for the audiophile grade C-60 is a hefty $4,695.