First Samsung Galaxy S II custom ROM arrives

If you are one of the users who has already picked up the sweet Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone or one of its variants with other carriers, you will like this. Lots of Android users take their smartphone and add custom ROMs to get new features right away. A new custom ROM application has landed called VillainROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The app is in version 1.0 and the developer warns that the software is use at your own risk.

The application was developed by xda-developer pulser_g2 and he notes that he was unable to personally verify that the software works. The developer explains that he lacks the handset to test with, but sent VillainROM over to another XDA user who has the smartphone and could verify that it works. To use the software you need to use ODIN for the flash. The VillainROM 1.0 has to be flashed as a PDA image.

Other options are available when using ODIN, be sure none of them are checked or bad things will happen. The ROM is apparently based on XWKE2 and should be rooted. It also has some mods in place that will make future modifications to the ROM easier to perform. One important not to those that plan to use VillainROM from the developer, do not use Villain Tweaks or things will not go well for you.

[via Android Community]