Viking Modular Solutions offers SATADIMM

Shane McGlaun - Aug 20, 2010
Viking Modular Solutions offers SATADIMM

Viking Modular Solutions has announced a new storage solution form factor for enterprise servers called SATADIMM. The product is exactly what the name implies, an enterprise class SATA II SSD that is in the form factor of a DDR3 RAM DIMM.

The company says that the SATADIMM offers the high performance and high availability of a SSD, but uses the same form factor as a stick of DDR3 RAM and slips into the same exact DIMM slot as a normal RAM stick. The SSD promises performance similar to that of a standard SSD with 30,000 IOPS and intelligent write management techniques.

The SATADIMM is offered in 50GB, 100GB, and 200GB capacities. The SSD gets all the power it needs from the 1.5V supply of the DIMM slot and transfers data using a standard SATA cable to the SATA port on the mainboard.

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