View-Master hacked to hide dual LCDs from cheap keychain frames

I bet there are a lot of you that had a View-Master growing up and you might have even had a 3D one if you were lucky. One DIY type has taken his old View-Master and hacked it to use a pair of small LCDs from a couple cheap keychain photo frames.

The frames used for the DIY innards were a couple Colby 1.5-inch units. Each of the LCDs was lined up with the lenses in the View-Master for some digital 3D stereoscopic lovin'.

When you press the lever that would have advanced the image wheel in the original it taps a system that causes both screens to go to the next image. The device has a USB port on the side for loading images and a power port on top. This is pretty darn cool, I wonder how complicated the project was.