Video: T-Mobile CEO John Legere's cheesy 2014 recap

Most CEOs send out nice letters or emails meant to rally their team into the new year, offering up platitudes about what a great job everyone did. T-Mobile's CEO isn't like those guys, though, which is why he and his company have released the video below. Though the message is the same, the phrasing is different. Great employees? Check. Lis of accomplishments? Yup. Remarks about how T-Mobile stands out from the crowd? Absolutely. Trash talk? It's John Legere, so obviously.

Featuring lots of cutaways to a stoked fire and slow passes over magenta-wrapped gifts, T-Mobile CEO John Legere sits fireside in his smoking jacket, book in hand. The tale? One of a number four carrier that has big aspirations.

Legere rhymes his way through all T-Mobile has done this year, and takes time to make a few slow jabs at the competition. He even calls out AT&T's CEO Randall Stephens (who he simply refers to as Randall) specifically.

Legere talks about his Twitter addiction, relieving 'pain points' for customers, and WiFi calling. He even reminds us that it's possible to get rollover data with 10GB free.

We'll applaud the cheesy production quality here, too. If you're going to make a holiday video of some guy reading a book to you, this is the right way to do it.

Legere may be animated, and a bit rough around the edges, but you have to like the results. T-Mobile has been turned around in a big way under his leadership, so say what you like — he's effective.

Besides, he sounds like a Kennedy. That's cool, right?