Video of Steve answering the 3G iPhone question

As promised, we have the video of Mr. Steve Jobs answering the question about why there was no 3G iPhone announced. He makes some pretty good points too.

First he starts by stating that handset battery lives used to be 5+ hours, but that got cut in half as soon as they added the power-hungry 3G chipsets. So now phone battery lives, for talk time, are hovering around the 2-3 hour range.

He said that kind of battery life was more or less unacceptable for a handset that is supposed to be able to be used as a music player and as an internet device before running out of battery. The sad part is, he is right, the iPhone with EDGE and WiFi at an 8 hour talk-time battery life is, at this time, a far better solution than an iPhone that lasts for a couple hours but gets around on the net a little faster.