Video Game Store Manager Instills Good Behavior in Minors

If you are under the age of 18 and are still in school (I hope you are, unless its because you are a genius) feel free to stop by a certain GameStop there where Brandon Scott is the manager. This man is truly a pioneer in the retail world.

So, three things a assume everyone wants for their kids, good grades, no profanity or racial slurs, and for them not to wear they pants around their ankles. Well if your kids are into video games this may be necessary since if you kid exercises any of the latter two they'll be kicked out of this GameStop.

The good grades are the only way you, as a kid, will be able to buy a video game in this store, and proof of straight A's gets you a free one. That's right, you cant buy video games in this Dallas, Texas GameStop unless an adult verifies you are getting good grades, even better yet, if you can prove you got straight A's, you get a free game. Too bad there aren't more people around to instill such great morals. I think Hollister and American Eagle sales would drop if they ever tried this, or at least that's my experience from high school.

Game Store Sells Only to Kids with Good Grades [via The Raw Feed]