Video Game Authority is now grading classic games for sale

I used to collect comics as a kid, but only issues that were fairly recent. While I still enjoy reading comics now and then, I don't think I could ever collect them as a dedicated hobby. Honestly, it is a lot of money to invest, especially with older issues. If you've ever sought out old comics, you've no doubt encountered the grading system that is used to determine their quality. Apparently someone is doing the same thing for old video games now.

Video Game Authority is now grading old games and sealing them away in a tamper-proof case that will tellĀ  buyers the exact condition of the game they are buying. I suppose that for hardcore collectors, it might be worth looking into.

Unfortunately, unless you are selling some high-dollar games, I don't see a ton of people taking advantage of this service. The main reason for this is that each game that is appraised will set you back $25. Aside from games fetching several hundreds of dollars, I don't see you making back your $25 on the sale.

[via Kotaku]