Viber updated with redesign, better quality and more

WhatsApp competitor Viber has updated both its Android and iOS apps with a bunch of improvements and new features, the most notable of which is the improved voice and video quality that, despite being better than ever, keeps data usage to a minimum. As with Facebook's Messenger and other similar apps, Viber allows users to make calls among themselves, eschewing using up minutes and, if you're on Wi-Fi, precious data. With this update, calls over 2G snap up only 84KBs of data per minute.

According to the change logs, the Android app has been updated with an easy way to share contacts between users and in group conversations, as well as a redesign when it comes to video calling — you can now start a video call straight on the recent calls list and from someone's contact profile.

Other changes include rich links, which displays a bubble with content from the link when one is shared. And, finally, there are new payment options for buying more credits, and an option to invite a full group to a public chat.

The iOS app, which now sits at version 5.5.0, has also scored those rich links, easier video calling, contacts sharing, and the ability to batch invite a group to a public chat. You'll also be seeing some new animated stickers akin to what you'll find in Messenger.