Viber finally has a Windows 10 app (but it's in beta)

Prefer Viber over WhatsApp? If you're a Windows 10 user, you can now download a beta Viber app made specifically for the OS. The new app has been built from the ground up, according to Microsoft, and can be used across all your Windows 10 devices; the app is designed with responsive resizing, adjusting as necessary to fit different device displays. The beta app rolled out in the Windows Store this morning.

Viber is a messaging app capable of doing many things similar to WhatsApp, Skype, and there free messaging platforms. The service announced end-to-end encryption not too long after WhatsApp, and also offers things like Public Chats, stickers, group messaging (with up to 200 users), the ability to scrub messages from both sides of the conversation, and more.

The Windows 10 app, as shown in the video above, is fairly versatile, and users can adjust it as necessary to use alongside their web surfing or other computing activities. The interface looks fairly clean and simply organized, with contacts/chat logs being positioned on the left, insertable content and such on the right, and the conversation in the middle.

The video teases some welcomed features, include the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop directly into the chat. The app can be downloaded from the Windows Store now. Check out the timeline below for other recent Viber news!