VIAMICHELIN Navigation X-930 Portable GPS System

This must be a joke from someone. When the GPS system first came out I remember hearing the story of a couple driving back from the party and fall asleep before they found that their new GPS guided them to the cliff because the bridge that was supposed to be there, according to the map, hadn't been built yet.

Regardless how "true" the story is, we know that now the world has reliable GPS system to help you save time finding the quickest direction to drive. With GPS system, you shall never get lost again. And if you are looking for the new navigation system for your vehicles, ViaMichelin's X-930 is the one for you.

X-930 is a portable in vehicle GPS system with the lightest weight in its class. It has the latest GPS receiver technology that is based on SiRFstarIII chip, plus a complete set of pre-loaded U.S. maps and points of interest. This product builds on Michelin's over 100 years of maps and guides publishing experience featuring speed warner, clear and precise voice instructions, and powerful and quick route calculation.

Price: $279.99 

ViaMichelin releases first US-made GPS mapper [via electronista]