VIA unveils Android support for embedded x86 mainboard

VIA has announced today that it is integrating Android support into its x86 mainboards for embedded systems, the support for Android kicks off with a mainboard called the EITX-3002. VIA says that the ability to run Android on this embedded design allows more flexibility for use in things like kiosks and in-car entertainment systems.

The embedded board will allow Android deployments to run on a system with a faster processor and support for higher resolution screens. VIA is also announcing the release of an Embedded Tool kit that will allow those developing machines using the EITX-3002 and Android to monitor and control peripherals through the Android OS. That is an important capability in a device that might not be attached to a touchscreen.

The EITX-3002 is an Em-ITX form factor mainboard that uses a 1.2GHz VIA NANO X2 processor or a 1GHz VIA Eden X2 dual-core processor along with the VIA VX900 MSP. The board uses the front and back of the mainboard for smaller packing. The integrated VX900H media system processor supports dual screens and full HD video playback.