VIA tosses AMOS-5000 series embedded PCs onto market

VIA has gobs of hardware that it offers for just about every use you can imagine. The company is big into embedded PCs and other markets and has unveiled its latest embedded PC design kits with modular expansion boards along with chassis development kits. The new development kits are for the AMOS-5000 series.

The kits allow the developer to design for a broad range of application specific and fanless EM-ITX devices. The AMOS-5000 series dev kits offer specific expansion models for the VIA EM-IO line with extendable aluminum chassis kits. The kits allow the developer to design embedded OEM and ODM fanless embedded box computers.

The new dev kits include the VIA AMOS-5110 for advanced multimedia applications. The kit has advanced graphics and video processing with DirectX 10.1 graphics, 256MB of GDDR3 RAM, and support for VGA, dual DVI, and dual HDMI outputs. A number of other kits in the series are for other applications like connectivity and communications and a kit for industrial applications.