Vi artificial intelligence personal trainer blasts Kickstarter goal

Anyone who has worked out with a trainer knows that workouts done with someone to motivate you tend to be better workouts. A good trainer keeps you from getting lazy, but the problem is that trainers are expensive and aren't always available when you want them. A new device has landed on Kickstarter called the Vi. Vi is an artificial intelligence personal trainer integrated into a set of wireless earphones.

Vi will track you and coach you to achieve results you are looking for such as weight goals or to improve your running. The Vi earphones also support listening to music and talking on the phone without having to mess with buttons. Vi is a neckband device and has Harman Kardon sound integrated for quality music playback.

The earbuds are touch-aware for controlling the system rather than having to press buttons. The ends of the neckband are magnetic for storage and the device is foldable. The textured surface keeps Vi from slipping around when in use. The earbuds are also designed to be sweatproof and rugged enough to survive workouts. The device can hear your cadence when running thanks to the microphones and adjusts your workouts to meet your goals.

Vi pairs with an app that is available for iOS and Android devices. Using that app the Vi can monitor weather and users can enter details about themselves like weight and goals. The integrated mics for calls are in the neckband close to the user's mouth. Vi is on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 and has destroyed that goal raising over $249,000 at writing with 46 days to go on the project. A pledge of $199 or more will get a first batch delivery of the Vi with shipping expected in December 2016. The retail price when in stores will be $249.

SOURCE: kickstarter