VetiGel is a plant-based gel that can stop bleeding instantly

When a massive injury occurs, and there's bleeding involved, time is essential. Often times, emergency medical personnel are on-scene, but have little recourse to do more than get you somewhere else quickly. A place that has the equipment necessary to help you get through the trauma and (hopefully) live. A new syrum, named VetiGel, could change that. The plant-based material can be affixed to human tissue to stop bleeding rapidly. It's not yet widely available, but is being trialled at veterinary clinics.

The interesting part about VetiGel is that it can be placed on skin or soft organs. To that end, emergency trauma situations could at least allow for a sustained effort to help instead of rushing off to a hospital.

VetiGel is also useful for military use, or in areas of the world where top-notch medical care is not available.

VetiGel works in tandem with your body's natural healing mechanisms, and is billed as the "Lego building blocks for the body". When applied to a surface, VetiGel will mimic the structure of its host. Apply it to the skin, it will re-assemble as skin, molecularly speaking.

The current aim of the VetiGel team is getting a market-ready product that the FDA will approve.