Vestax S-1 is Guitar-Shaped Turntable for DJs

So maybe you were never all that good at playing and actual instrument or maybe you can't put a decent lyric together even if you life depended on it, but you can DJ like Kid Capri. Well Vestax is trying to help you "Party like a Rock Star" with their new S-1 turntable.

Yes it looks like a high tech guitar, but if you notice, there are literally no strings attached. No, instead they rigged it up with a turntable and most of the mixing equipment you would find at a bare-bones DJ booth. How long you'll be able to rock out is dependent on the skip-proof CD/MP3 player.

Yes there is a built in sampler with a mere 8 seconds of recording, but the thing looks so badass. However for that "Rock Star Mentality" you will have to pay a dear price, something to the tune of 3 grand each, that price varies as each one is custom made, but you get the hint.

Vestax s-1 turntable lets djs roam the stage [via technabob]