Vertu V collection with Bluetooth, pen, a memory card reader

Shane McGlaun - Dec 11, 2009, 5:35 am CST
Vertu V collection with Bluetooth, pen, a memory card reader

Vertu is certainly a high-end brand for mobile phones. What you might not know is that the company also has a full line of other gear called the V collection to complement that fancy mobile phone. The collection includes a pen, a memory card reader, and a cool Bluetooth headset.

We have seen Vertu headsets before but the Aerius looked a lot like other headsets on the market already. The Vertu V Bluetooth headset looks like nothing else. It resembles a pen more than a headset when stowed in its case and has an articulating earpiece that folds out for use. A metal ear loop can be used to keep the thing in your ear.

It weighs 17g and is 143mm long with the base and cap and with the headset in the on position it is 46mm long. Talk time is 6 hours and it is compliant with Bluetooth 2.1. The memory card reader looks a lot like the headset with the same black and stainless steel. It reads microSD cards and is 100mm long. Round out your collection with the V ballpoint pen at 141mm long and 40g in weight. Pricing is unknown on the lot, but expect the gear to be expensive.

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