Vertu launches expensive Constellation Ayxta flip phone

I have never really understood the need to spend lots of money on a mobile phone just because it was a "luxury" device. I prefer to have phones that are cool and function well without being overly expensive. Perhaps if I were loaded I might feel differently.

If you happen to be rich and looking for a new and exclusive handset to use in place of those iPhones that the Plebs enjoy, Vertu has unveiled its latest exclusive handset called the Constellation Ayxta. The handset is the first flip phone from Vertu and includes the Concierge and Select services.

The handset is the first from Vertu to feature a Vertu Select City Brief service that sends information about a city to your phone. The handset even has its own soundtrack composed by British group Zero 7. The handset will sell at prices ranging from 4,900 to 6,500 Euros.