Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone Ending Soon

Verizon will be following AT&T's footsteps and ending the $30 a month, unlimited data plan for iPhone, according to CFO Fran Shammo. At a Morgan Stanley conference in San Francisco today, Shammo said that the unlimited data plan is "not a long-term solution". Verizon may discontinue the plan as soon as this summer.

Shammo said the company launched its current unlimited $30-per-month data plan to attract users to the Verizon iPhone, but will move to a tiered plan "in the mid-summer time frame."

Shammo did not give details on the tiered data plans Verizon plans to offer. AT&T stopped offering unlimited plans in June, and now offers a $15 plan for 250MB and a $25 for 2GB. The new plans could be based upon desired buckets of data, data speeds, or a combination of both. We shall see.

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]