Verizon Wireless launches five new prepaid data plans

Buying data plans is sometimes harder than it really needs to be with lots of options and at times confusing pricing structures. Verizon Wireless has announced new simplified pre-paid data plan options that give users five different plans to choose from with no annual contract or credit checks.

The plans range from a scant 500MB up to 10GB of data. That 500MB plans might be good for someone who only needs to be able to check email while on the road and sells for $15 for 500MB and gives you a week to use it. The next step up is 1GB of data for $20 with a month to use the data.

For $35, Verizon users can get 2GB of data with two months to use it up. If you need more, 5GB of data costs $60 per month with two months to use it. The largest of the new pre-paid plans is 10GB of data for $100 and two months to use it.

Verizon also offers Auto Pay that will top up the account when the data runs out to keep the user online. Additional data can be purchased via My Verizon or with pre-paid cards. These plans will work for 3G/4G tablets and connected devices. Existing customers will stay on current plans until the data is used or expires.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless