Verizon Wireless Boasts LTE Tests in Boston and Seattle

Evan Selleck - Aug 14, 2009
Verizon Wireless Boasts LTE Tests in Boston and Seattle

Verizon Wireless is on the road to improvement, especially in the network department. They’ve announced today that they’ve just completed the first initial tests for LTE. Utilizing end-to-end data calls, they are approximate calculations of real world usage. The initial tests in Seattle actually occured back on July 15, but in Boston it went down today.  This kept with Verizon’s initial estimations of testing on the 700MHz spectrum.

Device wise, Samsung and LG reportedly supplied the “test devices”, but that doesn’t mean any other manufacturers aren’t contributing. In fact, Motorola has stated that they plan on jumping on Verizon’s 4G bandwagon. Both Seattle and Boston have 10 LTE cell sites live as it strives for that 2010 official launch, when Verizon plans on letting loose 30 markets capable of the LTE technology.

Engadget spoke with Tony Melone, CTO of Verizon Wireless, and he said that  speeds at these trials weren’t the sole purpose of the tests, but said that the testing showed them that they are on track for 7-12Mbps download and 3-5Mbps upload when it comes time to launch. What’s noteworthy, is the fact that the end user products don’t currently resemble what is being tested, and will probably be different when it comes time for customer’s to purchase their devices. There are still some outstanding issues, especially when it comes to voice over LTE, like dialing 911. Melone said that data modems will be the focus, which makes sense considering the attention voice over is getting in the media and with customers. The trial shows Melone and Verizon Wireless that they are indeed on track to launching in 30 markets in 2010.

And most fortunate for those not in LTE-areas, is the fact that Verizon is not forgetting EV-DO. Melone stated that upgrades to the EV-DO will continue, even to the launch of LTE. When it comes down to it, we’re excited for the results, as well as the possibilities of having Verizon with an even stronger network. The fact that EV-DO speeds will soon be compared to a snail’s pace, compared to LTE, we can’t wait to start browsing the web on whatever new devices find their way to our hands with that LTE-loving compatibility.

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