Verizon updates FiOS Mobile iPad app, gives access to 75 streaming channels

When Verizon's FiOS Mobile iPad app first made its appearance back in 2010, users were told that it would allow live TV streaming, among other features. That didn't pan out, however, with the app launching a short time after it was announced sans streaming. Now, a little over two years later, an update has finally been pushed out that allows users to stream 75 channels.

Until today, the FiOS app functioned only as a sophisticated remote, allowing users to browse TV and Video On Demand guides and program their DVR. While convenient, it was more of a letdown than anything else. This new update, available via iTunes, now allows streaming when the device is connected to the user's home wireless network.

In order to use the service, iPad users must have a FiOS router from Verizon, as well as a valid Verizon username and password. Users must subscribe to both FiOS TV and Internet in order to watch the live streaming channels, which must be part of the TV subscription; you can't stream TV channels you don't subscribe to, for example. In order to view guide and What's Hot info, the user must have a set top box.

The total of 75 channels users will have streaming access to includes Nickelodeon, tbs, HGTV, BBC America, A&E, HBO, Cinemax, MTV, TVland, and FOX. For those with the appropriate hardware, the app can also be used to set up a DVR, including scheduling recordings, viewing show statuses, and monitoring hard drive space usage. Unlike live channel streaming, this feature can be used from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

[via iTunes]