Verizon to cut off "extraordinary" unlimited data users [UPDATE]

It's not exactly surprising that there would be some humans who would abuse an unlimited supply of resources. That's especially true when it comes to unlimited data plans, which has normally been cited as the reason why ISPs are suddenly removing their unlimited data offers. Now Verizon is reported to be preparing for a somewhat drastic move to weed out abusers. By August 31, it will disconnect unlimited data subscribers deemed to have used up an "extraordinary" amount of data. That is, unless they migrate to one of Verizon's newer, and pricier, plans.

It's a two-edged sword really. One probably can't blame Verizon for wanting to cut down the number of users that stress its networks by using up a large amount of data. Some might even wonder if there's a legitimate, not to mention legal, reason why a single person would use up that much in a single month. On the other hand, there could be valid reasons indeed, and Verizon could very well be criticized for having lured subscribers with the offer of unlimited data in the first place, knowing full well good things like these don't last.

Part of the problem with this aggressive plan is that, at the moment, there is no criteria what "extraordinary" usage means. The only way one would find out is when Verizon notifies them of the fact starting July 21st.

And then comes the other problem. Such "extraordinary" users will have to migrate to one of Verizon's new Plans or their line will be disconnected by August 31. After that, they will still be given 50 days to reactive their line, but only if they migrate to the new plans. Those new plans, however, have become quite controversial for adding $5 to $10 to previous tiers and for less data. Some might choose not to renew their loyalty to Big Red in the end.

It is still unofficial though Verizon has supposedly confirmed that it will be sending out notices soon. It's not exactly surprising either, as it hits two birds with one stone. Verizon gets to knock off large data consumers and, at the same time, actually make them change to its new Verizon Plans, something it said it wouldn't do for existing customers.

UPDATE: Here is what a Verizon representative had to say to clarify the details:

These users are using data amounts well in excess of our largest plan size (100 GB). While the Verizon Plan at 100 GB is designed to be shared across multiple users, each line receiving notification to move to the new Verizon Plan is using well in excess of that on a single device.

VIA: Droid Life