Verizon Sneaks In Another Motorola Xoom Ad

Beginning of the week we caught a glimpse of a mesmerizing 16 second ad released by Verizon for the Motorola Xoom. The pulsing of a heart beat, the darkness of the night, and then the levitating Motorola Xoom that engulfs the man in a giant flying metal pod, yes, that commercial. Well, today Verizon just sneaked out another version that looks to be a continuation of what actually happens to the guy after he gets enveloped by the pod.

Apparently, he gets to chill out and play with the Xoom undisturbed inside the pod, except now the soundtrack turns upbeat and we've suddenly got a Spanish narrator. It seems like there would be an English version of this ad, but we haven't been able to find it. This version of the ad isn't going for that mysterious vibe, but instead its the let's-party-in-this-super-cool-Xoom-pod vibe. The Xoom is actually shown in action with the man in the commercial navigating through the interface, swiping through the music collection, uploading his fishing picture to the web, and just overall having a good time.

Enjoy the video below. It sure makes us want to say Yo Quiero Motorola Xoom!