Verizon SmartHub is a 4G LTE router for your smart home

Verizon has introduced SmartHub, a new 4G LTE router designed for your smart home devices. This hub taps the carrier's own network, of course, to offer high-speed Internet access for a variety of WiFi products, including your phone, tablets and laptop. Verizon says that the SmartHub, when used with the related app, can be used to control a variety of smart devices, including thermostats, connected lights, security cameras, door locks, and similar.

SmartHub has its own Verizon line, providing a dedicated network through which your connected home devices can be used. The SmartHub has a built-in battery to keep everything up and running even if your power goes out, as well as a display for quick access to info like how much data has been used. Verizon says the device is both modern in style and portable, meaning you can pack it up and take it with you on your next vacation.

Verizon specifically mentions the Nest thermostat and the Kwikset Home Connect lock as two items that work with SmartHub; the full list of compatible devices isn't readily available. The company does say that users are able to schedule routines for their various devices, and to also get notifications from them using the companion app.

What isn't clear at this time are the particulars about the data line — Verizon doesn't mention whether there's a special plan that will be offered with SmartHub, which by all accounts will probably use a lot of data, especially if it is used to access camera video feeds. The device itself is launching tomorrow. The Verizon SmartHub is priced at $99.99 with a two-year contract or at $199.99 outright.

SOURCE: Verizon