Verizon: Share everything plans better than expected - Unlimited data is fading away

Today Verizon's big CFO Fran Shammo has issued a few statements that are both good and bad, to say the least. During an annual investors conference Shammo stated that their new share everything plans were doing much better than expected, and seeing higher customer adaption then planned for. However he also mentioned a few things that should have us worried.

Later while talking about 4G LTE and unlimited data plans that we all so much adore, he mentions that unlimited data is basically going away. According to the report he actually said, "Unlimited is just a word, it doesn't really mean anything." We have a feeling T-Mobile begs to differ since they recently launched their "truly unlimited data plans" that truly have no limits, or throttling.

Then, according to CNET, he took this even further by saying, "The whole unlimited thing is going by the wayside." What exactly does that mean? Well it's sorta taken out of context because he's saying that in regards to consumer use, which he said isn't nearly as high as what they think they're using.

An interesting note is he actually also stated that many customers are going off of their grandfathered unlimited plans in favor of the Share Everything plans offered. Although this basically just means that more people are using more than one device, or have more than one family member on a plan and are actually enjoying the shared options. Verizon's unlimited plans have technically been long gone for a few months, but we're not too excited with the way things are starting to sound.

Once T-Mobile gets their 4G LTE up and running next year, if they continue to offer unlimited options the others might have to do the same. Thoughts?

[via CNET]