Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2 update rolling out today

Craig Lloyd - Mar 19, 2013
Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2 update rolling out today

We’ve known for several weeks that Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus would be updated to the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but today the news is official, and Verizon has announced that the rollout will begin today. Verizon has noted that they’ll be rolling out the update “in phases,” so you may not get the update right away.

The update includes a slew of new features, including Photosphere, which is a camera feature that allows you to take 360-degree panoramic pictures. You can also take advantage of new tools in the camera app in order to add filters, borders, and other photo-customization options. There’s also a new gesture keyboard that comes with the update, allowing for Swype-like typing.

We were first hinted at an Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus last month, when GSM versions the device were receiving the update over the air, but no official announcement was made yet. Then later on, we were able to snag an unofficial version of the update for Verizon’s model of the device. However, it looks like the carrier is finally pushing out the update to all.

The Galaxy Nexus is one of Google’s many Nexus devices that released in late 2011 as the successor of the Nexus S, but it was eventually succeeded by the Nexus 4, the company’s latest Nexus handset. The Galaxy Nexus was manufactured by Samsung, and while most Nexus devices are branded as Google products, the Galaxy Nexus was one of the few Nexus devices to be branded as a Samsung product.

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