Verizon Revamps FiOS TV With Enhanced Interactive Media Guide

Verizon today unveiled its next-generation FiOS TV service. The revamp includes 25 new features in their Interactive Media Guide (IMG) that all aim to bring improved search capabilities, easier navigation, better customization, more DVR features, and 3D content detection.

A smart search feature has been added that predicts and provides potential matches for what the customer is looking for and also has other sorting and filtering options.

In the area of customization, new parental control options have been added along with a guide customization feature that gives you a variety of settings with a mini guide on the bottom of the screen, a half guide on the right side, and a full guide.

Several DVR enhancements have been added which include a DVR chaptering function that lets you DVD-like capabilities to jump ahead or resume viewing at a specific moment of the recording by using onscreen thumbnails in 10-minute increments.

A 3D content software has also been added that will automatically detect if customers are viewing a 3D program so that it will change to the appropriate TV settings for watching 3D content.

This new version 1.9 of the IMG is their most significant upgrade since the guide was introduced back in 2007. So far, the update has been rolled out to FiOS TV customers in four markets—Harrisburg, PA as well as Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo, NY. The remaining markets should see the new guide coming in May and June.

[via PRNewsWire]