Verizon performing preventative maintenance on video networks

With the Digital TV switch coming relatively soon Verizon has already started making moves in their customers favor to make the transition almost transparent to them. First off, they are phasing out the analog versions of all channels they already offer up digital versions of to customers with their set top boxes.

For those without, who were only paying for the handful of analog channels, they are working with them to get them their digital converter box before the switch is flipped. The only difference is that they aren't just helping their customers get the $50 coupon from the government, but they are actually handing out the converter boxes so their customers aren't left to pay the difference.

For some consumers they are already completely free of all analog channels. Also, Verizon is constantly making strides with their ever-growing FiOS network, from which you can get an all digital TV service. I kind of wish we had Verizon's FiOS here, but luckily for me, my local electrical municipality ran fiber all over the city last year and they are filling the gap left by Verizon, but I must give big props to Verizon for treating their customers so well regarding this manner.

[via Verizon]