Verizon now also has an iPhone yearly upgrade scheme

Considering a new iPhone lands every year, it seems ideal, if not lucrative, to get consumers to get to upgrade to the latest iDevice every year as well. Thanks to Apple pushing its own annual upgrade plan without the help of carriers, those carriers are now also trying to win back subscribers hearts by ensuring that they too will get a fresh new iPhone yearly without having to ditch their plan. Joining and competing with T-Mobile, Verizon has revealed its own pricing plan to help its subscribers get the latest iPhones every year.

The offer sounds simple enough, though it is open only to those buying a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Starting September 25, when the new iPhones launch, subscribers who opt in to Verizon's Device Payment option will be able to get a new iPhone after 12 months, every time a new one rolls out. This is pretty much the same premise to T-Mobile's offer, but with subtle differences.

For one, T-Mobile's unbelievable $5 charge is only for those who will trade in their existing iPhone 6. New buyers will of course still have to go through the regular purchase process. Verizon also offers the option for subscribers to not upgrade to the latest iPhone, in which case they can continue paying the 24-month installment on the device.

Carriers are now scrambling to keep customers from jumping ship to contract-free device purchases that Apple is now selling. Of course, Apple's prices are higher, starting at $32.41 per month for a 16 GB iPhone 6s, but that also comes with the same annual upgrade promise and without the hassles of carrier contracts. Samsung is also rumored to be eying such a business plan, which could present even more problems for carriers.

SOURCE: Verizon