Verizon iPhone HD Advertising Campaign Preparing for Launch

As far as contradicting reports go, this one is definitely a big one. It hasn't even been a full day since we told you that the Apple/AT&T iPhone exclusivity deal was inked for five years, starting in 2007, and here we are telling you that a company is hard at work on the advertisement campaign for the next iPhone. And, sure enough, they say it's coming to Verizon Wireless.

This is just a rumor for right now, so get your salt shakers ready. But, apparently Landor Associates has been building an advertising campaign for the iPhone on Verizon Wireless since 2007. Now, that's a little confusing considering the iPhone launched exclusively on AT&T, and has been doing so every year since. With the launch of the iPhone HD coming here in the next few months, this report would lead us to believe that things are definitely going to change soon.

A Verizon iPhone has been one of the most highly rumored pieces of tech since the iPhone inception, and while this may be just another one of those rumors, we're beginning to notice that they are definitely stacking up this year. Will the iPhone HD mark the divergence from AT&T, and finally reveal a CDMA-based handset from Apple here in the States?

And, on a bit of a side-note, it looks like AT&T has begun to roll back upgrade dates for early adopters of the iPhone 3GS. A few reports from some lucky customers show that while their upgrade date originally read November 21st, they've been switched over to June 21st. So, take that for what it's worth. New iPhone much?

[via SlashPhone; via MobileCrunch]