Verizon introduces $35 prepaid plans for feature phones

While smartphones may be the way of the dragon for a lot of subscribers nowadays, there are still plenty of luddites to go around. It turns out that feature phones (a.k.a. not smartphones) are still fairly prevalent in today's world, and Verizon just announced a new plan for those types of users to take advantage of. $35 per month will land you 500 voice minutes and unlimited texting and mobile web data.

This new $35/month plan will be added on to the other prepaid options that Verizon offers, including $60 and $70-per-month plans that give you unlimited voice and texting, as well as 500MB and 2GB of data, respectively. Verizon says its new basic plan is great for those who don't talk a lot, but would enjoy unlimited texting and data.

Verizon also offers a $50-per-month plan for feature phones that comes with unlimited everything. Of course, not a lot of users need this, and voice calling isn't as widely used as it used to be thanks to text messaging, so you can now save yourself $15 per month extra by going with the cheaper new plan that Big Red now offers.

Of course, in this day and age, it might just make sense to upgrade to a smartphone and go for the cheap $60 plan, especially since you can get a new smartphone for the price of what a feature phone costs. In any case, if you're looking to save some money on your mobile phone plan, $35 per month is the cheapest you can go on Verizon.