Verizon Go Unlimited will soon include service in Mexico and Canada

Back in August, Verizon diced up its Unlimited plan and with that came multiple varieties of "unlimited," one of them being Verizon Go Unlimited. That plan clocks in at $75/month versus Beyond Unlimited's $85/month price, though with restrictions, such as "dvd-quality" video streaming versus actual HD quality over mobile. Now the company is adding a new feature to its cheaper plan, and travelers will be pleased.

Verizon Go Unlimited, the budget-tier of the unlimited plans, will soon offer service in Mexico and Canada as part of its offerings, meaning those subscribers won't have to pay extra to use their plan in either country. The change will take place on January 25.

Previously, Verizon customers who wanted service in either country needed to be a Verizon Beyond Unlimited subscriber (which meant paying $10/month more), or they needed to get a TravelPass, which was a better alternative in cases where travel is infrequent. A TravelPass costs $5/day for just Mexico and Canada, or $10/day for service in 130+ countries.

For anyone traveling to these countries for more than a day or two, TravelPass is an excessively expensive solution, especially considering the Beyond Unlimited plan or competing companies' plans.

This change is a welcomed one, but hardly worth praising. Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer unlimited text and talk in Canada and Mexico in their unlimited plans; this is merely Verizon getting in line with its biggest competitors. If you're a Verizon Go Unlimited subscriber, you'll get 500MB of 4G LTE data per day while in either country; once you exceed that amount, it'll be throttled down to 2G speeds.