Verizon Galaxy Tab S6 finally gets Android 11 and One UI 3.1

Samsung has been making big promises and improvements to the way it rolls out Android updates but some might feel it only applies to its high-end phones. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case and Samsung has also been paying attention not only to its mid-range Galaxy A series but also to its tablets. Of course, carriers might not always be as fast and it's only two months later that Verizon's version of the Galaxy Tab S6 is getting its overdue One UI 3.1 with Android 11 update.

Granted, the rollout of the Android 11 update for the Galaxy Tab S6 last March actually came two months earlier than expected. In that sense, Verizon is really just on schedule. Regardless, it's a "better late than never" thing, and Galaxy Tab S6 owners will definitely welcome the update any time.

The changelog that Verizon posted for the update doesn't mention any carrier-specific changes, so this might all be about Samsung's and Google's upgrades to the mobile platform. One UI 3.1 itself doesn't bring in many changes compared to the previous version but is more an iterative refinement.

Android 11, on the other hand, does bring massive changes, especially in the way the operating system works. Beyond the floating bubble notifications that Google has now formally embraced, the latest version of Android improves privacy with stronger permissions. That includes automatically resetting permissions of apps you rarely use.

With its second major Android upgrade, it isn't yet certain of the 2019 flagship tablet will get another one next year after Android 12 comes. Verizon subscribers can at least enjoy this latest update for now but, as always, remember to back up first and keep your tablet charged before performing the upgrade.