Verizon Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Tab S2 Marshmallow update is now available

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Tab S2 users have a new software update that is now available to download directly from the carrier. The update brings Android Marshmallow to the devices along with a slew of new features that users of the tablet and phablet can enjoy. The software version for the Marshmallow update on the Galaxy Note 4 is MMB29M.N910VVRU2CPD1.

The update also adds in some other desirable features such as WiFi Calling, App icon update, ultra high quality audio support, and Android for Work. Among the new features in Marshmallow is "Now on Tap" intended to anticipate what you might need that moment and offer it to you via cards with a tap on the device. Doze mode automatically puts your device in sleep state when it is at rest to save battery power.

Marshmallow also allows you to define what you want to share with apps and when, the permissions can be turned off at any time. WiFi Calling is a great feature for people who live or work in a building where normal cellular signals aren't that great. This feature allows calls to go out over local WiFi connections so you can still send and receive calls even when signals are weak. This feature has to be activated under settings>Advanced Calling>Activate Advanced Calling. In that last section is where HD voice and WiFi calling can be activated.

The Galaxy Tab S2 update brings the tablet to software version MMB29K.T817VVRU2BPE1. It brings most of the same new features as the Note 4 update except for the WiFi Calling feature. Tablet users do get a new email tool bar and search feature. Animations are now supported in collages and Gallery. A new drawing feature in Memo has been added as well. The Marshmallow update for both of these devices is available now.

SOURCE: Galaxy Note 4 update and Galaxy Tab S2 update