Verizon FiOS Router With 802.11n Coming in July or August

If you're one of the people out there that enjoys Verizon Wireless' FiOS connection, then there's a chance you've got one of their Actiontec or Westell hotspots in your home. If you do, you've noticed that if you want faster wireless connections to all your gadgets, which means support for the 802.11n standard, you've had to buy an extra router to get the job done. Not for much longer, though, according to a Verizon Wireless spokesperson.

Bill Kula, the spokesperson we just mentioned, Verizon is planning on releasing a home WiFi router that works with their FiOS fiber optic service. This new router will support the 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standard, which means you'll be able to browse the Internet even faster than you already are. Good news for all those FiOS customers out there, we'd say.

Right now, the new broadband router is being internally tested, as Verizon aims to get it fully integrated with its current systems without a hitch for its debut in July or August of this year. And, if 802.11n wasn't good enough for you, it's also going to include a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Unfortunately, probably because it isn't close enough to a release date, Kula couldn't divulge the price for the new home router.

[via DSL Reports]