Verizon files patent for set-top box with built-in camera

Just yesterday we found out that Verizon is starting a new program where it will deliver targeted advertisements to its mobile subscribers who choose to opt-in. The carrier seems to be continuing its targeting-advertising spree because last week they filed a patent for a set-top box that has a built-in camera that will be used to deliver targeted ads based on what activities you do in your living room.

Obviously, this sounds really creepy right off the bat, and it mentions that the camera watches for things like fiddling on your phone, exercising, eating, singing, cleaning, sleeping, etc. While companies like Facebook and Google are capturing all sorts of information about what you're consuming online, this almost takes it to a whole new level.

However, before get you too upset and start to cancel all of your business with Verizon irrationally, it's probably a good bet that Verizon would certainly require users to opt-in before doing something like this. It's definitely something that no company would be allowed to do without consent from the user.

As far as what kind of advertisements Verizon would push towards its users of the camera set-top box, the company mentions that sounds of arguing could prompt ads for marriage counseling, while cuddling could prompts ads for contraceptives. Then again, we're not sure if Verizon will actually put this system into place. The idea is only a patent so far, and a lot of patents usually don't see the light of day when it comes to putting it into action, but we'll see what happens.

[via FierceCable]