Verizon cracks down on fake employee discounts

It's been a long time coming, but Verizon Wireless may be finally cracking down on fake employee discounts. These are the discounts used by people who no longer work at a job that qualifies for Verizon Wireless's discounts. Verizon's employee discounts offer up to 15%-25% off its mobile phone service and up to 25% off of accessories. Verizon isn't the first company to crack down on employee discounts. Companies like Sprint began a similar process last year.

Beginning on April 1st, Verizon Wireless customers who currently receive an employee discount will receive a message via email, SMS messaging, or snail mail asking them to verify their employment status with the company listed on their account information. If the customer has transferred to a new job that still offers a Verizon Wireless employee discount, they can alternatively put that information in instead.

After receiving the message from Verizon Wireless, customers will have up to 60 days to verify the information before they're cut off, so those of you who secretly abuse the employee discount will have up to the end of June to utilize your discounts. To verify your employment status, you can access Verizon's renewal website where all you need to do is input your business email address, you can contact a Verizon customer service rep to verify your information, or you can send direct mail to the address included in the message.

Verizon Wireless employees should be receiving training on this new change beginning on March 18th. This new change was bound to happen sooner or later. This should help Verizon cut costs from the losses they receive from ex-employees defrauding their system, not that Verizon Wireless was in a financial rut or anything.

[via Phone Arena]