Verizon CEO Expects iPhone 5 To Arrive In Fall

Verizon's incoming CEO and current COO Lowell McAdam adds more fuel to the rumors of an iPhone 5 arriving this September. During a TV interview discussing the company's Q2 financials, he said that he expects the iPhone 5 to arrive this fall. In a subsequent conference call, he further attributed the company's financial performance to the expectations of the next-gen iPhone.

Speaking on CNBC today, McAdam was asked about the slow revenue growth of the past quarter. The company had originally expected a significant jump with a new iPhone to hit in the summer, but that didn't pan out. They now expect a boost next quarter, when they believe the iPhone 5 will launch.

"We had assumed that we would see an iPhone early in the summertime as it's been usually, and that's going to be a little bit later in the year now," said McAdam.

In a later conference call, McAdams further stated:

We are probably what I would view as maybe a quarter behind what we had talked about in January, primarily because we expected an iPhone 5 refresh sometime this summer. We don't know when the next one is going to come out. You will have to ask Apple that, but we expect that probably sometime in the fall, and I think you will see a significant jump there when we get to that point.

[via MacRumors]