Verizon Awarded #1 In Customer Care By JD Power

Verizon has once again earned top-slot for customer care and service, according to JD Power and Associates. This marks the carrier's fourth year straight as #1, something it isn't showing any signs of letting go of in the near future. The status is based on ample amounts of feedback and surveys, with online, telephone, and in-person customers all being considered.

JD Power and Associates determines its results based on feedback from a variety of customers, as well as information provided on surveys. Using both, a score is given for each carrier, with 1000 being the maximum. Verizon clocked in at 766, narrowly beating AT&T, which had 759. Verizon received the Power Circle Rating of 5, while AT&T received 3.

Sprint came in next at 746 with a Power Circle Rating of 3, likewise placing it just a bit under its nearest competitor. Then, with a relatively large drop, there's T-Mobile, which scored 715, and received a Power Circle Rating of 2. All of these fall under the full service list, which includes a non-contract section for prepaid carriers.

In the non-contract section, MetroPCS came out on top at 733 with a Power Rating of 5, while Virgin Mobile came in just under that at 729 with a Power Circle Rating of 5 as well. Third place is the popular prepaid service Tracfone at a solid 700/3, followed closely by Boost Mobile and Straight Talk. At the bottom of the list lies Cricket, with a score of 671/2, and Net10, with a score of 633/2.

[via Android Community]