Verizon 5G rollout starts in Los Angeles in Q4 2018

Verizon has revealed plans to start rolling out its 5G network in Los Angeles in the fourth quarter of this year. The company announced the plans today, saying Los Angeles is the second city that will be getting its 5G network deployment. The first city, Sacramento, was first revealed in November 2017. The company is eyeing progressive cities in particular.

The revelation was made by Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam during an interview with CNBC today. During it, McAdam pointed toward "progressive-minded cities" — LA and Sacramento among them — as a key part of the company's plans.

"We've had some great partnerships with some forward-looking mayors like Marty Walsh in Boston... Mayor Garcetti in LA," McAdam said.

For its part, Los Angeles praised Verizon's decision to deploy the 5G network there. LA mayor Eric Garcetti said it will be a great opportunity for residents and business, likewise helping "inspire the next generation of tech leaders and entrepreneurs."

Though the company didn't finalize a decision about whether the network will appear after Los Angeles, McAdam indicated it could be Boston. An exact rollout date for the LA launch wasn't provided, though Verizon indicates it will start this upcoming fall season.

Verizon has already tested the 5G technology in 11 markets throughout the US. Fixed 5G will arrive in LA first, followed months later by mobile 5G.

SOURCE: Verizon