Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse for your portable gear debuts

Verbatim has pulled a matched pair of smallish peripherals out of its pocket for those of you that need some small stuff to travel with caleld the Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse. The new mouse and keyboard are sized for portability and the keyboard has a laptop style layout. The gear is wireless too.

Verbatim uses one unified small USB adapter that communicates with the mouse and keyboard both using 2.4GHz technology. The little adapter is one of the small ones that has only a few millimeters of adapter that stick out of the USB port on your computer. That means you don't even have to pull the adapter out of your notebook when it's time to move.

The keyboard has full media controls for playing your music from across the room and the mouse and keyboard are both very thin making them easy to pack in a crowded laptop bag of brief case. The keys are low profile and use a quiet-touch technology so they aren't overly clicky. Verbatim says that the keys do offer nice tactile feedback.