Verbatim Clip-It USB Drive Weighs Literally Nothing, Comes in Multiple Colors

For those interested in tech, the specifics of a device or gadget are generally enough to rile up the masses. Featuring the latest and greatest gets the attention, but we imagine that if you're announcing another USB memory stick, then you need something other than "It stores this much." Verbatim, obviously hindered by the other specifications of their new Clip-It USB drives have managed to do the impossible: make the world's first weightless object. According to Verbatim, anyway.

The other features are that the Clip-It USB drives come in either 2GB or 4GB sizes. And, as the name might suggest, you can even use the USB drive to clip together pages, while it's not in use in your computer. They also come in a multitude of colors. However, it doesn't get interesting until you look at how much these little guys weigh.

According to Verbatim's Business Development Manager, Hans-Christopher Kaiser, "it weighs literally nothing, so it will not cause extra postal charges." Literally nothing. So, Verbatim has managed to beat gravity. No word on when these will be made available in the United States, but they'll be heading to Europe here soon. As far as pricing goes, that's a mystery, too — but how much would you be willing to pay for a truly weightless object?

[via Wired]