Venus JXD 305 PMP looks surprisingly good

I love reporting on these amazing foreign personal media players knowing that it will be years before we ever have the video support or even the audio file support they off in a single player. These days we are lucky if we get MP3, AAC, and then if the company has one, they'll throw in some proprietary audio format.

On the video side, that's where we really get the short end of the stick with usually only one format supported, and even then it's usually even more specific with how many frames per second and what size the video can be, you nearly have to be a professional video editor to get videos on your iPod. This player, its one of the lower tier players in China and supports DivX, XviD, AVI, 3GP, MPEG-4, MP3 WMA, AAC, WAV, JPEGs, and text files.

It also has a 3" screen and a minimal number of buttons that are also small so they don't make the player look bad. No word on price or availability, but its probably cheap, and it will probably never make it stateside.

Venus JXD 305 PMP Makes an Appearance [via pmptoday]