Vanity Ring - Proudly display how popular Google thinks you are

When you Google your name, how many results pop up? Personally, I get 1,790,000 hits. That's not really much of a surprise since both my first and middle names are rather common. It's also not a surprise that many of them do in fact have something to do with me, as I'm a tech writer. If I were the kind of person that actually cared about numbers like that, I'd think this fancy ring was pretty cool.

The Vanity Ring project basically looks to Google's servers to see how many hits you get on your name. It then uploads the number into the ring and displays it on a small screen. Regardless of whether or not many of these actually have to do with you, people can see how popular your name is on the great interweb.

It's really an interesting concept, but I'm not sure who would actually wear something like this. Also, who would actually care how many hits you get on your name? Perhaps there's just something I'm missing here.

Google ring proclaims your Internet status [via make]