Valve resurrects Halloween modes for Team Fortress 2

Valve might not be good at trilogies, but they love community events. This year marks the seventh Halloween event for Team Fortress 2, and they're making it a doozy. Instead of making just one new game mode, they've decided to bring back all six previous Halloween modes. They're not just slacking off by re-hashing old content, there will be some new stuff to enjoy, as well.

Things kick off when you use the Scream Fortress Gargoyle in your inventory. It's used to "summon the dark spirit of Merasmus from the inky depths of Sergei's trunk." You'll then be given missions that take place in the previous Halloween-themed game modes. Completing these will give you a shot at items that were only available during the previous Halloween events. You'll also get a shot at a Gargoyle Case.

You'll also find four new spooky maps to play on: Gorge, Hellstone, Moonshine, and Sinshine. These maps were all designed by community members, and each has its own game mode. Finally, you'll have access to new taunts. One of which involves riding around on a broomstick. Because what says Halloween more than riding a broomstick?

In non-holiday news, Valve has also announced that Manpower Mode has graduated from beta. If you like grappling hooks, then you might want to give this a shot, when you're not reaping souls in the other modes.

VIA: RockPaperShotgun

Source: Team Fortress Official