V-MODA unveils VAMP VERZA amp and Metallo smartphone case for audiophiles

V-MODA has unveiled its incredible eye-candy VAMP VERZA audio amplifier and Metallo case, both of which can be combined to create an awesome portable audio system sure to appeal to the audiophiles among us. The Metallo case is currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S III, but a case for the Galaxy S IV, which will be launched tomorrow in NYC, will be available soon. We have a gallery after the break.

The VAMP VERZA amp received its beautiful design in Italy, and was constructed in Japan. The device is compatible with the VERZADOCK, and is a Hi-Fi 150mW x2 (USB Mode) and 130mW x2 (iOS Mode) amplifier with a 2200mAh battery, which gives users up to 7 hours of playback. There are 2 dedicated DACs, 6-layer PCB, 3 enhancement modes, a bass enhancer, pure audio, optical audio output, a variable gain switch, and a rotary volume control.

The Metallo case, meanwhile, is made of V-ANGLE lightweight machined metal, and offers substantial protection for your handset. It has an interchangeable VERZADOCK plate, as well as a sliding lock mechanism. The case is compatible with the VERZA amplifier, allowing the use to create a portable audio powerhouse.

Says V-MODA's Chief Visionary Office Val Kolton, "For the avid audiophile, VAMP VERZA supplements the poor audio quality produced by smartphones and delivers the purest fidelity imaginable. We shrank the analog-age component spirit into a sleek, spy-like multifunction gadget that is portable enough to use anytime, anywhere. When you combine VAMP VERZA, Metallo, M-100, and the new Samsung Galaxy S III/S IV, Note or iPhone 5, you achieve the ultimate technology trifecta that truly stands apart from the crowd."

The amp can be used independently or in conjunction with the Metallo case. The case will be available for the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, Samsung Note II, and iPhone 5 for $101. The VAMP VERZA, meanwhile, will be available in matte black, Shadow (red and black brushed metal), and white with orange accents for $598. They're available for pre-order now from V-MODA.