V-MODA M-200 ANC headphones feature hybrid active noise cancellation

V-MODA has announced new over-the-ear headphones called the M-200 ANC featuring active noise cancellation with in-app sound control. The Bluetooth active noise-canceling headphones are completely wireless and are designed to work in tandem with the new V-MODA app. The app allows listeners to adjust the level of noise cancellation and personalize the sound quality via EQ presets.

The EQ presets-offer personalized adjustments for bass, mid, treble, and hi range sounds. While there are six EQ presets, users can create their own sound profile from scratch. Ten different noise cancellation levels are controllable via the app to neutralize outside sounds completely. M-200 ANC headphones are customizable by switching out decorative shields on the side with six color choices available.

The shields can be laser engraved and color printed with a logo or design. The internal battery provides 20 hours of active noise cancellation on a single charge. An interesting feature called "Voice In" will momentarily lower the volume and pause the noise cancellation when the user covers the left ear cup. That feature would be useful if the user needs to listen to a conversation without continually taking the headphones on and off.

A folding design allows the headphones to be tucked away in an included carry case. A metal-build core and flexible headband mean durability for drops and bumps that come with use on the go. Each ear cup features a 40-millimeter driver optimized for sound quality, and the drivers use neodymium magnets with copper-clad aluminum wire coils.

Wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth 5.0, and headphones function with both Android and iOS devices. A 10-minute charge adds an extra 1.5 hours of active noise cancellation playback. Charging is via a USB-C cable, and both Google Assistant and Siri are supported. The frequency response is 10-40,000 Hz, and detachable cables are included. V-MODA M-200 ANC headphones are available now for $499.99.