V-Moda Bass Freq Earphones Pack A Punch

Trae McNeely - Dec 5, 2006
V-Moda Bass Freq Earphones Pack A Punch

Music lovers, iPod fans, and those alike will enjoy the high-quality V-Moda Bass Freq earphones. They are exactly what millions of music fans are looking for and they come at a decent price. Previously, you were forced to buy huge earphones that covered your entire head. There are many earbuds similar to the V-Moda Bass Freq, but many lack deep bass and they’re expensive so ultimately they’re not worth it once you lose them or they break. The Bass Freq Modaphones uses V-Moda’s modern Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon (BLISS) technology to deliver crisp highs, warm midtones, deep lows, and it blocks outside noises.

The stylish colors vary so your earphones can be aesthetically pleasing and they excellent in the comfort department. The modawrap cable manager is included to help control excess slack and entanglement when dealing with earphones. The best thing about the V-Moda Bass Freq earphones is the price.

Price: $50.00

V-Moda Bass Freq Earphones [Via: CNet.com]

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